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M.A.D. Lab

"Mom and Dad Lab" is Fielder's hands on science program where a parent works with a small group of children in the science lab.

  • Only 4 labs per year.
  • Small groups of 4-5 students per parent.
  • User friendly Activity Guide emailed ahead of time.
  • All materials for the lab will be supplied and prepped.
  • No science experience necessary!!!

MAD Lab Co-Coordinators Needed For 2018-2019
Marisol Molina and I have enjoyed working with both the parents and the students as coordinators of MAD Lab for the last two years. We will both be leaving the position of coordinators for the science lab at the end of this school year. We are looking for 2 or more people to take over the position of MAD Lab Co-Coordinators. It would be helpful to have volunteers who are interested in the positions shadow us this semester to see if this is the right fit for them.  The MAD Lab positions are:

Volunteer/Email Coordinator: This person organizes the MAD Lab schedule, email volunteers and manages the volunteer database. This job allows you to work from home using your computer.

Science Lab Coordinator: This person manages the lab supplies and assists the grade level leaders with the lab set up and the MAD labs on Fridays. This job requires you to be at Fielder. If you are interested in either of these positions, then please contact us at for more information.

Use the links below to sign up:

fielder elementary katy texas cinco ranch